Hi and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Misty, a 30-something working mom to two amazing little girls – Calista and Camila. My husband and I proudly call Buffalo, New York home. We don’t have a ‘how we met’ story because we’ve known each other forever. We became college sweethearts and after waiting patiently (okay, sometimes not so patiently) for 8-1/2 years, Carl finally popped the question. Over the next 11 months as we planned our wedding we watched our forever home be built…a home we moved into just weeks before the wedding.

We love our sports teams, and yes we are fully aware that there’s a good chance we will never live to see either one of them win a championship. But still we cheer. It’s a good lesson in loyalty. In the real world I work full time as a surgical physician assistant, but my favorite job is being a mom. I breastfeed. I baby-wear. I co-sleep sometimes. My passion for motherhood is something I hope to share with you all here on Winging Motherhood.

You will rarely find me without a cup of coffee or my camera in my hand. I believe that sunshine is good for the soul and a real hug can fix almost anything. I love to write (hence the reason for starting this blog) and really enjoy getting lost in a good book. I don’t mind reading my favorites over and over again. Running is like therapy for me – I’m glad Calista doesn’t mind long stroller rides. I am slowly navigating the waters of photography, and I have a long way to go before I’d even consider myself an amateur. Wine makes me happy. Horror movies scare the crap out of me. I get abnormally excited for Christmas every year and have seen every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made.

I like working with my hands, so if I can build it versus buy it, pass the hammer. Scoring a good deal gives me a high – you won’t find me at the grocery store without my coupons. I am a wanna-be minimalist, but my desire to never be wasteful makes it hard to let go of things without finding them a good home – so I’m working on it. I don’t do anything halfway.

I love God. I have an amazing family, both immediate and extended and my friends are the BEST.

I am known for being a fairly private person, but starting this blog is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. After months of thinking about it, I decided to act. As terrifying as it is to share my thoughts with a bunch of strangers, the only regrets you have in life are the chances you don’t take, right?

I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy being part of the Winging Motherhood community.