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Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapering? Yes You Can.

Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on a package of baby wipes? How about disposable diapers? Or diaper rash cream? I didn’t start looking at these things until after Calista was a year old. The more moms I talked to, the more parenting groups I joined, the more reviews I read, the more educated I became about the potentially harmful ingredients in the products I was using every single day – on my baby.

Consider this.

Calista is now almost three and we have yet to master potty training. That means she has spent almost 26,000 hours with a diaper against her skin. And I don’t even want to calculate the number of wipes we’ve used or the amount of diaper rash cream we’ve gone through. We tried cloth diapers for a short while because I read they might help with potty training and I was trying to be both more eco-friendly and economical, but it made no difference and she actually developed a rash from using them. My husband hated them. I couldn’t send them with her to the sitter’s. And our laundry room is not set up well for cloth diapers. At the time I was 6 months pregnant and growing tired of all of the extra laundry, especially knowing how much it would grow when the baby was born. When we had Camila I toyed with the idea of cloth diapering, but for all of the aforementioned reasons we haven’t started them yet. I haven’t completely abandoned the idea, but didn’t plan to use them during the newborn stage anyway.

Just because we aren’t cloth diapering doesn’t mean that we are stuck with disposables that are harmful to both the earth and my girls. I was able to find better options for all of the products we use daily for diaper changes. Here are my favorite diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream that we’re currently using:

Andy Pandy Diapers

I found the Andy Pandy brand after a little research on bamboo diapers. When I read that traditional disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose, I knew that there had to be a better option. Andy Pandy diapers are about 85% biodegradable, so they won’t contribute to the pollution problem in the way that other diapers made with plastic will. Also, bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource that doesn’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making them an ideal choice for babies with sensitive skin. We could not be happier since making the switch. The eco-friendly Andy Pandy diapers offer the following features:

  • 100% Chlorine Free
  • No Alcohol or Preservatives
  • Free of Phthalates
  • No Latex, PVC, TBT, or Antioxidants

Bamboo and other eco-friendly diapers often get a bad rap for not being as absorbent but we haven’t had any issues with increased leaks. Our pediatrician even complimented us at her one month well-check on how well the skin on her little bottom looked.

Bets & Emy Wipes

I started using Bets & Emy wipes when Calista was around a year old after reading about them online. And we haven’t looked back. They contain just two ingredients: 99.9% water + 0.1% citrus extract. Because that’s all you NEED in a wipe. If you look at a package of traditional wipes, they’re loaded with potentially harmful chemicals and dangerous preservatives.

When I received the new patient folder from the pediatrician I actually took the time to look through it while we were waiting for our appointment. In the diapering section they recommended using just plain water and a cloth, especially on gentle newborn skin as wipes could cause irritation. But at most of the hospitals around the country you’ll find the ‘name brand’ wipes in every room on the maternity wing. Even the ‘sensitive’ and ‘pure and natural’ varieties are loaded with unnecessary chemicals.

Every parent knows that wipes aren’t just for diaper changes. If you’re like most, you probably use them to wipe faces, hands, maybe even the car dashboard when you notice it’s dusty? No? Just me? When your wipe contains water and a tiny bit of citrus extract, you can use them everywhere. I use them myself for removing make up and haven’t found a mess made by my toddler that they haven’t been able to handle. Bets & Emy wipes will continue to be used in our house long after our diaper days are behind us.

S.W. Basics Diaper Cream

A like-minded friend from high school introduced me to S.W. Basics a few months ago. I started using the Day and Night Serum and Facial Mist myself and was excited to use the entire line of baby products after Camila arrived. We’ve tried the Baby Wash and Baby Soak during bath time and I regularly use the Baby Butter on her delicate, newborn skin. The Diaper Cream is the best I’ve ever used. It contains just 5 all-natural ingredients, is organic and also cruelty-free. A little bit goes a LONG way with this stuff.

Despite my best intentions, cloth diapering didn’t work out for us, but we have found a way to diaper our daughters that is healthier for them and better for the environment. When Calista was born, I didn’t know better. I trusted that the companies making products that I would use for my babies would be safe. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

We’re not perfect. Have I used other diaper brands because someone gifted us a pack? Yes. Would I turn down a Huggies wipe if I needed one? Absolutely not. But if most of the time I can use products that are better for my babies AND help reduce our carbon footprint, I’m going to try.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission on qualifying purchases.
The Andy Pandy diapers were provided to me for free in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Nao yoshikawa

    I do worry about the impact of diaper wearing to the planet but i just did not have the energy to do cloth diapers. I’m glad that there are cloth diapers like andy pandy to give options to busy moms who also wants to save the planet

  2. It’s good to know about eco-friendly options. Diapering is tough because it is a lot of work and I do worry about the environmental impact.

  3. These sound like amazing products. Wish I had known about them or had access to them when my littles were at that stage. We cloth-diapered only because we had a service that did the laundering for us – these sound like fab alternatives in the realm of disposables, and I wish we could have used them for all those times you mention when you CAN’T use cloth!

  4. This is wonderful. Just like you, I have been contemplating about using cloth diapers but I am a bit hesitant since I may not have time to clean up ASAP. Happy to know that we know have options for eco-friendly diapers. Really happy to read this.

  5. We’ve had the same experience. We always try to use the most baby and earth-friendly option when possible. Thank you for sharing these brands with us!

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