Search My Social: Why This Link-In-Bio Option is Like a Super Charged Link Tree with a Search Bar

Social Media. Do you love it? Or do you hate it? Maybe you’re like me and your relationship is complicated.


Don’t get me wrong, it has its perks. It’s been a great way to stay in touch with friends and family during times like this when physical contact and in-person meetings are limited. I can share pictures with the girls and they love video chatting with their grandparents. It allows people to continue to work and earn a paycheck. And without any extracurricular activities to do, I know I’ve definitely scrolled my Instagram feed a little more than usual to pass the time.


Instagram has evolved and in just the short three years that I’ve been using it, so many changes have occurred. The algorithm is the bane of existence for every digital content creator. I’ll probably get flagged for even using the ‘a’ word here. The most frustrating thing about it sometimes is the inability to search a feed for a post. I have come across so many great ideas for baby gear, projects for my preschooler, home décor inspiration and recipes I’d like to try…but if I forget to save the post it’s lost in the abyss.


Or is it?


Search My Social is a new tool that creates a personal search engine for your social media channels. Yes, you read that correctly. Your very own personal search engine. For ALL of your social media platforms. You can finally make your Instagram feed searchable.


Influencers…do I have your attention, yet?


With Instagram you only get one shot at a clickable link, the link in your bio. Are you maximizing it?


There are a few ways to add a link that then takes your followers to a list of links, but there’s nothing out there that does what Search My Social can do. And there isn’t anything that looks as nice either. Because let’s face it, when it comes to social media, we’re all about being pretty.


Check it out. You decide how your profile looks and what content your followers see first. Add links to your blog, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and any other platform you belong to. You can include affiliate marketing links and discount codes when applicable. Worried about FTC compliance? There’s a quick click for that, too.


This is especially great for the ‘micro-influencer’ like me.


Instagram hasn’t deemed me worthy of the swipe up feature in my stories, so this allows me to direct my followers to the things I talk about in my posts. Another new feature that was recently added is the ability to pull a link from your caption. Those links aren’t clickable through Instagram, but they are on your Search My Social profile. If you’re taking the time to share on social media, why not monetize your Instagram feed?

search my social

I’m not normally one to be ahead of the curve, but I have a feeling this is going to change the game when it comes to Instagram. And I get to say I was there before it started.


If you want to start making your Instagram work for you, use the code MISTYFREE when you sign up here to get this incredible tool for FREE.


I may receive a small commission when you sign up using the code above.

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