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The Best Mommy and Me Matching Outfits That Don’t Break the Bank | IFFEI

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I never imagined being a girl mom. It’s not at all the life I envisioned for myself. I was convinced I would have boys.

Since I didn’t anticipate having girls, I definitely didn’t think I’d be that mom who would be shopping for matching mommy and me outfits.

But here I am, almost 4 years into #girlmomlife and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My house is filled with unicorns and princesses and there are a lot of tutus and hair bows hanging in our closets. Boy moms, don’t be too jealous and think it’s all clean and pretty over here. There is also a lot of dirt and pockets filled with rocks and worms.

I know I won’t have much of a say in what my girls wear for long, and there’s a good chance they’ll have zero interest in matching their mom. So while it’s up to me…

we do the twinning thing.

Last summer I found matching swimsuits for Calista and I and knew I’d want to get a set of matching dresses for the three of us when Mila was a little older.

I didn’t have to search long, I used the same company that supplied us with our matching swimsuits, IFFEI (formerly Yaffi). With more than twenty-five sets to choose from, it doesn’t matter if you like a long maxi or you’re more of a romper kind of mom, there’s something for everyone. Since I loved our matching lemon swim suits so much last summer, I opted for these Lemon Strappy Matching Dresses for the girls and I this year. I don’t often wear dresses in the summertime because it makes breastfeeding difficult, but this one has a button up front for easy nursing access. The girls got matching headbands to go with them, too.

lemon matching dresses

Mommy & Me doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Because they’re so affordable with prices starting at just $12.99 per piece, it’s reasonable to order more than one set! The Tank Floral Maxi Dress set was supposed to be for Mother’s Day. But it snowed here. So we had to wait another month to wear them. I don’t know who was more excited about it…Calista or myself. She gets such a kick out of not only matching me, but her baby sister, too.

mommy and me dresses

The best thing about dresses is that the girls don’t outgrow them in a day. We’ve been doing a lot of online ordering with all of our favorite stores shut down the past few months. It always makes me nervous because sizing can vary from brand to brand, but these were spot on according to the size chart found in the listing.

matching mommy and me outfits

And since they’re available on Amazon (with free Prime shipping!!!), if for some reason something doesn’t fit, returns are easy.

If you have a tiny girl gang that you’re looking to twin with, check out IFFEI for matching dresses, outfits, sleepwear or swimwear for the whole family (yep, even the dads can get in on the matching here). You can’t beat the quality, selection or the price!

This post is sponsored by IFFEI and reflects my personal opinion about their mommy & me matching outfits.


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