The Ten Best Gifts for a Breastfeeding Mom

Is there a breastfeeding mom on your holiday shopping list this year? A pregnant mom who plans to breastfeed? Are you a breastfeeding mom who needs to leave some hints? From simple stocking stuffers to gifts that will really W-O-W her, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts any breastfeeding mom would love to receive.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

This book is the next best thing to having a lactation consultant right there in your pocket. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding was created by La Leche League International and it answers every breastfeeding-related question you could possibly think of. It is continually updated so that it offers the most current information and advice available. It’s a must-have for a nursing mom!

NursElet Nursing Scarf

There’s so much to love about this nursing scarf from NursElet. Obviously, it’s a nursing cover, which allows you some privacy while nursing in public. Even if you’re comfortable nursing in front of a crowd, sometimes your little nursling can become distracted, especially as they get older and become more aware of their surroundings. The NursElet scarf offers complete coverage, front and back, and has a wide opening on the top, which allows you to maintain eye contact with your little babe, something that the apron-style covers often lack. With it’s one-arm-out design you can actually have use of one arm while you’re nursing – this is something you’ll take for granted until you use a cover that traps both arms underneath.

The material is super soft and there are a TON of gorgeous designs to choose from.

You can also use this as a car seat cover! The stretchy fabric slips right over most infant car seats, keeping your little one safe from the elements but still allowing you to peek in.

The function doesn’t end there…ever find yourself out at a restaurant and the server brings you a high chair that looks like it was on the losing end of a food fight? The NursElet scarf can act as a high chair or shopping cart cover, too!

Wait, there’s more. When you’re done nursing (or at anytime in the midst of your breastfeeding journey), your scarf can be just that – a beautiful infinity scarf. Or, get creative and use it as a swimsuit cover! Betcha can’t say that about your old nursing cover.

The NursElet Scarf retails for $36. Check out all of the pretty patterns available on the NursElet website here, or find them on Amazon and use your Prime shipping!

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

Whether you’re the kind of mom who lactates at faintest sound of a baby crying or you are like me, and somehow manage to hold onto every precious drop, you’ll still have a need for nursing pads. I’ve tried them all. Okay, maybe not them ALL, but at least 4 different brands of reusable and 4 disposable. Bamboobies are hands-down the best there is. They’re SO incredibly soft. I don’t know how they do it. This is super important when you consider what they’re being used for. The last thing you want to tuck in your bra is a rough, scratchy nursing pad. They’re thin like a disposable nursing pad, but with the absorption of a reusable. Need more protection than what the standard reusable pad offers? They have an overnight version, too! Plus, because of the unique heart-shaped design they are much less visible.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking. I just told you I didn’t have an issue with leaking. So why would I use nursing pads? For a few reasons…firstly, not all nursing/pumping bras provide enough coverage to prevent your nipples from poking through and being visible beneath your clothing. So there’s that. Also, I work full-time and went back after my daughter was just 8 weeks old. So I pump…a LOT. When you pump there are dribbles, especially when you pump in awkward places like I do because your office doesn’t have a lactation room. I use the nursing pads to catch the drips when removing the flange so I don’t end up with milk stains all over my clothes. And remember what I said about Bamboobies being soft? Whether you leak or not, your nipples can be extra sensitive when you’re a breastfeeding mom, especially in the beginning. Having a nice soft layer for them to rest against is something you definitely come to appreciate.

Pick up an 8-pack (3 regular pair and 1 overnight pair) for just $19.99 on Amazon. Or buy direct from the Bamboobies website.

Motherlove Nipple Cream

We might as well keep talking about nipples. I know that they say breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt – but ‘they’ are liars. My daughter had a perfect latch (or so I was told by 5 different lactation consultants – the 3 we saw while in the hospital and 2 at our pediatrician’s office). I didn’t have any issues with my nipple shape or size. But guess what? Breastfeeding hurt. SO bad. I went from having total control of my nipples to all of a sudden feeding a tiny little human from them every 2-3 hours, sometimes up to an hour at a time. So be prepared for a little discomfort. Yes, I know, pain can indicate an improper latch, a lip or tongue tie, or a variety of other breastfeeding issues, but sometimes it’s just because you take an already sensitive area of the body and all of sudden expose it to a tiny little leech. There’s chafing and chapping or worse (if you’re like me and you end up cracked and bleeding). We ultimately had to use a shield for a few months until I ‘toughed’ up enough to handle the endless nursing sessions.

In the midst of all this I found relief with Motherlove Nipple Cream. Unlike a lot of the other nipple creams out there, this one doesn’t contain lanolin (which may contain pesticides). It’s 100% certified organic and cruelty-free. The all natural ingredients are safe for both mom and baby and it doesn’t need to be washed off before breastfeeding. You can get a 1 ounce jar on Amazon for $10.95.

Nursing Necklace

You would think that drinking the milk would be enough to keep your little nursling busy while breastfeeding, but that is not always the case. Those little hands like to pinch, grab, slap, tug…you get the idea. A nursing necklace provides your baby with something to grab so you don’t become the target for all of that action. This beautiful Natural Maple Wood Teething/Nursing Necklace from MintBerry Market acts as a distraction for your busy little nursling and can also be used as a teething toy. The necklace fabric is a cream-colored jersey knit material and it features chunky natural maple wood beads. Classic and functional! Find it here for $18, along with a variety of other teething toys that your little one is sure to enjoy.

Milky Mama Lactation Treats

Know what every breastfeeding mom really wants? Food! Keeping up with the demands of breastfeeding is tough. Even a healthy supply can take a hit at times. Milky Mama to the rescue! This brand of lactation treats was developed by a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant in California. The treats are made of all-natural ingredients, known to help boost and maintain your milk supply. Choose from cookies, brownies, oatmeal, lattes, lemonade, iced tea and smoothies! Need a real boost? Try the emergency brownies! Have to watch your sugar intake? Try the new sugar-free brownies!

I was very blessed with an abundant milk supply (thanks in part to all of the ingredients in these yummy treats), but there are a lot of moms out there who struggle to make just enough. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Just enough is still enough. But it can be very nerve-wracking, worrying that what you pump today won’t be enough for tomorrow. So give yourself (or the breastfeeding mom in your life) a treat that can be enjoyed without feeling guilty – it’s all for the baby, right?!

Check out all of the yummy treats here!

Lactalite Breast Pump Lights

Know a pumping mom? These little breast pump lights from Lactalite will be a life-saver! I can speak from experience, I have pumped in the dark a time or 2 (or 100). I found myself constantly fumbling with my cell phone light to make sure the flange was on properly or to see if there was any milk flowing yet. Use them during the day, too! The white light works great for both the beginning of a pumping session for proper placement and even later on when condensation accumulates or milk drops get in the way – these little lights shine right through it. There is also a blue light (for an even less distracting option). They fit on most flanges, so they are compatible with a wide variety of pumps. You can pick up a pair of Lactalite Breast Pump Lights for $25.

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags

If you really want to spoil the breastfeeding, pumping mom in your life, get her a stylish, functional bag for her pump from Sarah Wells. Pumping is one of those things that no breastfeeding mom enjoys, but if it has to be done it doesn’t hurt to do it in style. These bags are the best breast pump bags on the market. They accommodate every size pump so you can’t go wrong. Not only are they functional but they’re pretty, too. After lugging my black pump bag back and forth to work for a few months I knew I needed an upgrade. I wanted something that would allow me to minimize the amount of bags I had to carry as well as a bag that did scream ‘this is my breast pump in here!’ Sarah Wells to the rescue! There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, even a backpack style (check out the Kelly) for the mom who really needs to be hands-free. Sarah really has thought of EVERYTHING when it comes to what a pumping mom needs from her bag. They feature built-in coolers, laptop pockets, a slot for a photo of your little one and so much more. They’re water-resistant, easy to clean and guaranteed for life! There are lots of great accessories available, too! The MheartM Bag, Pumparoo and new Cold Gold cooler to be exact.

Rumina Pump and Nurse Bras

Okay, you might not be comfortable buying a bra for someone else, but you can always get a gift card! If you’re going to do that, get it for Rumina. All of the bras from Rumina can be used for both nursing and pumping (or both at once)! It is the only bra the breastfeeding mom in your life will need. I thought I was all set to return to work – I had my pump and my pumping bra. Then I realized what a pain it was to have to change out of my regular bra and into my pumping bra, especially when you consider how often you have to pump (every 3 hours on average in case you were wondering). Because of my schedule and the lack of a lactation room at my office, I pump in my car a lot. Changing in and out of a bra in the car is not easy, especially in an open parking lot. It is really convenient to be able to wear one bra and pump when you need to (plus it’s one less thing you have to remember to pack in your pumping bag…I forgot my pumping bra twice before I discovered Rumina bras). Shop the Rumina website here or check out the collection on Amazon. Leave a comment if you’d like an exclusive discount!

NursElet Nursing Bracelet

The first few weeks (months?) as a new mom are a blur. Mom brain is a real thing, did you know that? And it’s not surprising. You endure one of the most physically challenging things a person can ever experience, and rather than go home to rest and recover you’re put in charge of a tiny, helpless human. And if you’re breastfeeding, it’s ALL you for quite a while. You’re told to switch the side you start on with each feeding – yeah…um…okay…you can’t even remember the last time you took a shower, but sure, keep track of which side you started on every 2-3 hours.

That’s where the NursElet Bracelet comes in. It’s a bracelet you can wear so you always remember which side is up next. Its usefulness doesn’t end there, though. The NursElet bracelet can be removed from the wrist during nursing sessions and quickly looped around your shirt to keep it up off your baby’s face (and save your neck). You can use it while pumping, too! It fastens quickly and easily with just a little velcro.

There are a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from and there is even an organic cotton line as well. Because you wear it, you never have to worry about forgetting it! The NursElet bracelet is definitely on my list of must-haves for new nursing or pumping moms! Find them here on Amazon or shop the NursElet website.

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, what’s on your wishlist this year?!

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