Toddlerhood: Everything is Sticky and Someone is Always Crying

I love being a mom.

And I adore my toddler.

Every stage of childhood is special in its own way, but this toddler stage is a freaking blast. She’s so funny, and honest, and clever. She’s fascinated by the simplest things and her heart is so pure. She loves to make messes, but enjoys cleaning them up just as much. Making people smile is her very favorite thing to do. The sound of her laughter can make even the darkest day seem bright. It doesn’t hurt that she’s adorable with her rosy cheeks, bright blue eyes and squeaky toddler voice.

toddler girl
Who Run The World, Girls tee: Raising Wolves Co.

But this toddler stage is also exhausting.

She’s stubborn, and opinionated and determined to do everything herself. I hear the phrase ‘I do it’ no less than 100 times a day, which usually results in 100 messes that have to be cleaned up. Oxi-clean has become my best friend. And how come no one warned me that she’d already be vetoing my selection of shoes for her before she was 2 years old? I thought I had at least a decade before she’d start fighting me about that. Clearly not the case.

And when she doesn’t get her way, well they don’t make earplugs thick enough or headphones large enough to drown out those decibels. I have learned to pick my battles. Like letting her wear the shoes that don’t match her outfit or ‘draw’ with her food pouch on the high chair tray. It’s considered sensory play at that point, yes? But I have to draw the line when she tries to dart through a parking lot, drop fruit down the heat register or pick up goose poop in the backyard. How can someone who stands less than 3 feet tall and weighs less than 25 pounds make SO much noise when she’s protesting? And if she’s not crying, I probably am. Someone is always crying at this point.

toddler girl

She doesn’t miss a thing.

We did all the childproofing well before we needed to, or so we thought. The kitchen cabinets are locked. The sharp objects are out of reach. The cleaning supplies and medications are secure. But once you have a toddler, everything in your home becomes a hazard. If it’s not a weapon, it’s an accessory to a weapon. She only needs to witness us do something once, and she immediately tries to imitate it. Just recently she has learned that if she pulls out the cabinet drawers, she can stand in them to reach the counter-top. I’m also quickly realizing that if it’s not waterproof, it probably won’t survive the toddler years. And despite the claims, very few things are actually spill-proof, stain-proof or unbreakable. We’re already planning to replace our carpet with hardwood floors (because coffee, and strawberries and blue Popsicles) and she’s only been walking for less than 10 months. Our phones will soon have waterproof cases – ‘lifeproof’ they claim, and I have a feeling my toddler is going to accept that challenge head on.

toddler with fudge bar

Since it’s Prime Day, I thought I’d one of my latest finds from the online retail giant that is quickly becoming every parent’s best friend – because 2-day shipping on diaper deals and Alexa, am I right? I found a great gadget for my husband for Father’s Day this year on Amazon. We spend a lot of time in the pool and on the boat during the summer months and use a Bluetooth speaker while we’re out there. But our old one was definitely not toddler-friendly.

This Soweiek speaker is:

  • Waterproof – because toddlers like to spill, and splash, and spill some more
  • Durable – because toddlers also like to drop things
  • Solar-powered – because who remembers to buy batteries (it also charges via a USB cable)
  • Portable – because your pool bag is already overflowing with floaties, hats, sunscreen and pool toys
  • Affordable – because kids are expensive

solar power waterproof speaker

We were both really impressed with the quality of the sound that this little speaker puts out. My husband thought I spent a LOT more than I did (it sells for $30). I took a chance on this off brand and was pleasantly surprised. So far my toddler hasn’t found a way to destroy it, and trust me, she’s tried.

Did you score any great deals for Prime Day? Anything that may help me toddler-proof my life?

I received this speaker at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Everything you speak on of toddlers and being a mom, is so true! As i type this, I just found something sticky

  2. You aren’t kidding. It’s my favorite stage, but also the most emotionally draining. The title speaks for itself!

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