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When I was pregnant with my first daughter we experienced the hottest summer on record. And she was born on the very. last. day. of summer that year. Despite my worry about being pregnant through the summer – without knowing yet that it would be a record-setting one – I would plan it that way again given the chance.

I didn’t have to buy a single piece of maternity clothing. Not one. I wore maxi dresses for those last three months. That or my swim suit. Easy peasy.

This time around, however, it’s a different story. I’m due in the spring, which means my third trimester is going to fall at the end of winter/beginning of spring…not exactly maxi dress or flip-flop weather here in Buffalo. So my search for maternity clothes began…and much earlier than anticipated. I knew I’d probably start showing a little sooner with this pregnancy, but it still surprised me how quickly I outgrew my normal clothes. By week 20 I had given up on anything with a button and leggings became my BFF.

As a healthcare professional, I have a dress code to follow when I’m in the office. So my maternity clothing has a lot of boxes to check. I need something that I can wear through the winter and spring, but that won’t make me hot or uncomfortable (thank you pregnancy hormones). It has to be office-appropriate, but casual enough to wear outside of work as well. I don’t want to look like a house, so something fitted is a must. When else do you get to say that in your life? I’m taking full advantage of this growing bump to pull off a fitted dress before it’s back to tummy-slimming postpartum support. And last but not least, give me something flattering…something I look forward to wearing…something stylish. Puh-lease!

PinkBlush Maternity clothing checks all of those boxes (and then some). I was overwhelmed by the amount of options I had to select from when I searched their line of maternity dresses. Is there such a thing as too many choices? I finally settled on this long sleeve lace fitted dress in olive green.

pink blush maternity dress

pink blush maternity dress

It pairs well with leggings and boots right now in the winter and when we transition to warmer spring weather I can ditch the leggings and trade the boots for a pair of sandals. It was great to bring on our beach vacation ‘baby moon’ to wear to a fancy dinner date. The style is perfect to wear to the office, but it’s comfortable and casual enough to wear out for a brunch date with my girlfriends. Gotta squeeze those in while I can before this baby comes!

pink blush maternity

This is just one of hundreds of dresses available from PinkBlush Maternity. If you’re not looking for dresses, they also have tops, bottoms, denim, rompers, jackets, swim, sleep and active wear, too. And their non-maternity selection is just as large. (I know, I had no idea they had regular clothes either!)

So whether you’re looking for maternity, nursing or just everyday apparel, PinkBlush is a one-stop shop for comfortable, stylish, affordable clothes.

PinkBlush provided this dress at no cost to me in exchange for a blog post and review.



  1. I love how versatile this dress is!! The range is also stunning!

  2. Ah, the maternity clothes struggle is so real! My kids were born in January and April, so I was very pregnant for the colder months both times. The first time around I was like, eh I’ll just get oversized thrift clothes rather than spend a fortune on things I’ll only wear for a short time. Wrong!! It is so frustrating to not have clothes that flatter you, especially when you already don’t feel like yourself. This dress looks so flattering, I wish I had it when I was pregnant!

  3. That is gorgeous. I wish I had these when I was pregnant. I don’t think I would have worn anything else!

  4. Wow that is stunning ! I need all of their clothes when I’m pregnant

  5. This maternity dress is absolutely beautiful as are you.

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